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BHV organisation

High Tech Campus Eindhoven has a Company Assistance Service (BHV) organization with a clear mission and objective.

Mission emergency response organization
The setting up and continuation of an emergency response organization that is well trained, motivated and equipped for its task, complies with the occupational health and safety law obligations from Campus policy.

BHV Manual English

BHV Handleiding Nederlands

Objective of the emergency response organization
An organization that can respond immediately and adequately to a calamity / incident with the following objective:

  • Perform the correct care and actions in the first minutes until the emergency services (Fire brigade - Ambulance - Police) are present
  • In the minutes after the emergency services (Fire Service-Ambulance-Police) are present, in consultation with the emergency services, to guide, provide information and help to evacuate

The emergency response organization consists of a large number of employees who, in addition to their normal activities, perform an ancillary task such as, for example, Company Emergency Response Officer, Evacuation Leader, First Aid Officer, member of the cleanroom emergency team, Building coordinator, member of the campus crisis team.

The emergency response organization is described for each building in a Company Emergency Plan of the main occupant of that building. The building coordinator is responsible for communication with the emergency response team members in his / her building and with the emergency services.

BHV responsibleThe Security manager of the Campus (securitymanager@hightechcampus.com) is also the emergency response coordinator for HTCE, he is in contact with all building coordinators and coordinates refresher lessons, training, practice sessions and courses for all team members. Please email bhv.safety@hightechcampus.com for changes regarding the annual schedule or the refresher lessons and / or request for emergency response training courses.

Campus Site Management is responsible for uniform emergency procedures on the Campus. There is an overarching Campus company emergency plan to be able to respond adequately to Campus-wide calamities and disasters that threaten the Campus from the outside (for example a major accident on the highway with hazardous substances).

BHV organization and responsibilities
Company Help Providers (emergency response officers) have the task of quickly securing an area by means of quickly and efficiently evacuate or provide assistance or life-saving actions. They must not take any risks that endanger themselves or others. In addition to these tasks, alerting is just as important than acting. In addition to these tasks, the emergency response team members are expected to have knowledge of the work area, the building where they work, after training.

Responsibility of emergency response officers

  • Taking refresher lessons
  • Wearing a means of communication at all times
  • Ensuring that the means of communication is ready for use
  • Ensuring that through the GWOs there is awareness about the safety matters and emergency response organization applicable to the department
  • Being present in the right places and keeping the evacuation drawings up to date
  • The emergency signs being present in the right places
  • Ensures that the new employees become familiar with safety matters such as escape routes, assembly points, how to report a fire or calamity
  • Maintaining the knowledge of the floor (s) where he / she is deployed as an emergency response officer
  • Reporting defects to the building immediately to the building manager
  • Control small fire extinguishers, report building manager
  • Monthly check of escape routes, report building manager
  • When deploying make use of the provided resources
  • The emergency response officer must take into account the possibility that he / she will be deployed, in the event of an emergency, in another building

Responsibility Building coordinator BHV

  • Communication in the event of a calamity with the commander of the fire brigade
  • Communication in the event of a calamity with the head of BHV High Tech Campus
  • Wearing a means of communication at all times
  • Ensuring that the means of communication is ready for use
  • Maintaining knowledge of the building where he / she is deployed as building coordinator emergency response team
  • Keeping plans how to response up to date
  • An evaluation after a calamity with the emergency response team members and the Head of BHV High Tech Campus Eindhoven and safety expert
  • Reporting directly to the building manager that an emergency response service is stopping or leaving
  • Maintaining the local emergency response organization by recruiting employees for the emergency response training
  • Responding to signals from emergency response officers who are being thwarted
  • Ensuring that the emergency response resources work and are available
  • Regular consultation with the emergency response team members
  • Taking care of reporting of these meetings.

Responsibility Head of BHV High Tech Campus Eindhoven

  • Be informed about all incidents / calamities on Campus
  • Supervision of the local emergency response organizations through building emergency response coordinator
  • Taking care of and using the aids
  • Organizing audits
  • Compiling a “PLANMASTER” that includes all training courses, consultation structures and exercises
  • Making an annual report
  • Meeting twice a year with building coordinators BHV and safety experts for the evaluation of incidents and emergencies
  • Recording these meetings in writing (in particular the preventive measures following incident evaluation)
  • Monitoring the export of corrective measures including:
    • Install emergency lighting;
    • Fire hydrants marking;
    • Reporting alarms;
    • Adjust plans how to response.

Insurance of emergency response officers
The emergency response team member who is employed by Philips or third parties, is covered by the world liability insurance of Philips. No separate insurance or indemnification certificate is required. Should something happen to the emergency response officer while performing his duties as emergency response officer, he / she is covered by Philips' Dutch accident insurance.

Liability of emergency response officers
For damage caused by an emergency response officer while performing his / her duties as an emergency response officer, will not be held liable for this unless there is serious negligence.