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Recap Fe+male Tech Heroes Conference 2021

The Fe+male Tech Heroes Conference returned on May 25 and 26, 2021. And you can now watch the recap, and the recording of the Conference here. Be inspired by international role models on topics as the future of tech, entrepreneurship, leadership, diversity and equality. 

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Fe+male Tech Heroes dinner 2021

Join us for the Fe+male Tech Heroes dinner on Tuesday October 12th for an evening full of networking, great food and inspiring speakers who talk about reaching for the stars, falling down and getting back up again.

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Why Fe+male Tech Heroes?

Founders Ingelou Stol & Hilde de Vocht: At High Tech Campus Eindhoven more than 12.000 smart people are working on the world of tomorrow in more than 235 high tech companies. That’s also why we call this place ‘the smartest square kilometer in Europe’. Through many conversations with the tech companies at our Campus, we’ve discovered that creating diversity in the tech world can be quite a struggle for companies. When we look at the number of women in the tech world, you can see we are underrepresented. The figures differ, but in summary, less than 20 percent of tech employees are women. 

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Let's create diversity together

It’s not just about women. We focus on creating more diversity in tech. Research shows that teams with different gender, backgrounds and work experiences lead to the best innovations. Thanks to our ambassador Neelie Kroes (former EU commissioner) Fe+male Tech Heroes had a flying start. Already 2000 ambassadors joined our network. Not only women, but also men. Because we need to create diversity together! 

Check the recap of our second Conference in 2021:

Interviews Fe+male Tech Heroes role models

In our online interview series we introduce inspiring female and male role models. 

Helen Kardan: ‘Role models show us what is possible’

‘Life is full of surprises. Whether you call them good or bad, depends on your mindset. If your mind is ready, the right opportunities will come to you’, tells Helen Kardan, Senior Business Development Manager at ASML. Helen initially wanted to become an engineer but was offered a marketing role in a tech company instead. Unexpectedly, the job turned out to be precisely what Helen’s social nature enjoys doing the most - ensuring the customer’s voice is reflected in the product. She shares her personal experiences living and working in different countries and tech firms, as well as her vision on the economic and societal value of diversity.

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Gareth Thomas: ‘Diversity happens from within'

Gareth Thomas was born in South Africa in a family of mathematicians. Because of the apartheid, they moved to The Netherlands when he was a kid, and continued moving countries every few years. Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Portugal, Scotland. "I think the exposure to diverse cultures has been the greatest gift my parents could ever give me." Now, back in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Gareth is running a startup called VersionBay, that empowers people by leveraging state-of-the-art software stacks.  

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Sepideh Khandan Del: ‘I wanted to prove that engineering is not only for men’

‘Who is gonna take you seriously? Did you think of the working hours? Are you prepared to work with guys mostly?'  The prospect of becoming one of the few women in the nanotechnology field did not discourage her; on the contrary - it stimulated her to prove them wrong. Born and raised in Mashhad (Iran), Sepideh Khandan Del’s ambition to pursue a career in engineering took her far across geographic and personal borders. At last, finding her way at TNO at the High Tech Campus, Sepideh is making footsteps in expanding her senior technical expertise to business development.

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Check the video of the kick-off of our first Mentor Edition:

Previous events


  • The Mentor Edition (December 2020)

During this digital event, 30 female and male role models shared their experiences with 120 professionals in the field of personal growth, leadership and entrepreneurship.

  • Dinner 'Food for Thought' (October 2020)

“Thank you for showing that networking is still possible, even at a distance of a meter-and-a half.” That was the greatest compliment Ingelou Stol was ever given after the Fe+male Tech Heroes dinner. Together with Hilde de Vocht, she hosted an event for over one hundred people at the Dutch High Tech Campus Eindhoven last week for the first time during this corona times. The dinner sold out within two days.

Stol and De Vocht launched Fe+male Tech Heroes in March 2019 because women are underrepresented in the tech sector. Fe+male Tech Heroes now boasts over two thousand members." Read more.

  • Dinner 'Tech & Design' (October 2019)

During the Dutch Design Week we hosted a special Tech & Design dinner. The atmosphere was so authentic and open. At the end of the evening people were spontaneously pitching on stage, although they weren't planning on doing so. During the dinner we talked about the future of the movement. How to make it grow and keep the quality high, how to make our role models more visible and how to attract more men into the conversation. Also we welcomed two great speakers: Claudia Lieshout of Philips Design and bio tech artist and Dutch Design Week ambassador Jalila Essaidi.

  • Fe+male Tech Heroes Conference 1 (May 2019)

What an amazing start of the Fe+male Tech Heroes Network on May 21st, 2019 at High Tech Campus Eindhoven. 500 women, inspiring keynotes, workshops and a lot of networking. 

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